Chinese Fan Boxed Notecards

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During the summers in 19th century Shanghai, the handled fan was an invaluable accessory for men and women alike.

Box of 20 die-cut notecards, four each of five subjects. Approximately 5" x 7".

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gift box. ($4.95)

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  1. from Bloomington, IL:
    • 5
    • Aug 21, 2012

    I like them immensely. My only surprise was that I expected them to open with a front that opened. However, after seeing them I realized that the handle would not be solid enough if it were used to lift the such a front. They are really unique and ideal for a thank-you note.

  2. from arlington, WA:
    • 5
    • Jul 24, 2012

    The notecards are unique little cards perfectly suited for a brief note or Birthday wish.

  3. from Heber Springs, AR:
    • 5
    • May 8, 2012

    These cards are unique and most lovely. The cards are all very serene and allow for a simple message. The simple message you choose will enhance the overall lovliness of these cards. I received one of these with a Birthday message and knew I had to have them to send to others. It gives the impression that I have excellent taste and am sophisticated and elegant. That is a lot to put on a card but it can carry all of those expectations.

  4. from Ballwin, MO:
    • 5
    • Oct 23, 2011

    Absolutely gorgeous, creative note cards. Must be used for small, brief notes and/or card to insert with a gift. I have received wonderful comments from everyone I have sent one to....wanting to know how they may purchase!!
    I hate most of the useless catalogs that I receive, however, I absolutely LOVE your catalog of creative & unusual gifts, and have definitely requested any & all future ones. Wonderful gifts and personal purchases.

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