Cat & Mouse Wood Sculpture Set

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Who will blink first? You'll want to put this amusing little drama on display where all can appreciate the outstanding craftsmanship. Hand-carving and finishing by skilled Indonesian artisans bring the beautifully grained Suar wood to life. Sculptural pieces can be found in the museum's collection.

Set includes a cat, 6" x 10" x 2 3/4"; and mouse, 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 2 3/4".

90.00 USD $90   ($81 Members)

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  1. from Canton, MI:
    • 5
    • Feb 20, 2017

    I bought this cat and mouse set as a birthday gift for my sister. She and her husband couldn't stop talking about how they loved the look, size and craftsmanship. These are a perfect addition to a collection or on a bookshelf or end- table.

  2. from Canton, MI:
    • 5
    • Jan 4, 2017

    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She's a cat lover. The wood, workmanship and finish were beautiful to my mind. My daughter liked it a lot too though it took a minute for them to figure it out.??

  3. from De Forest, WI:
    • 1
    • Oct 10, 2016

    Wanted this set for a long time and finally bought it when a 20% off coupon was offered. Very poor quality and looked nothing like the quality pictured. It arrived in a very large box with packaging that filled at 13 (!) gallon trash bag. I returned the set and gave the packaging to UPS for reuse.

  4. from Jacksonville, FL:
    • 5
    • Nov 19, 2014

    I purchased this pair of friends for a Christmas gift and have thought twice about ordering them for myself. They are simple pieces and bring a great smile on ones face. They would look good any where they are placed. They are perfect for cat lovers. I highly recommend this set.

  5. from newton, MA:
    • 4
    • Nov 3, 2014

    Looks great in wood

  6. from Halethorpe, MD:
    • 5
    • Oct 27, 2014

    I really enjoy my Cat and Mouse sculpture. I love the wood color, and the expressions on their faces. I feel the Cat is simply studying the Mouse, and while the Mouse isn't quite sure what's going on, he's not afraid.

  7. from Westlake, OH:
    • 5
    • Jul 21, 2014

    I was intrigued with this piece of art since I first saw it. I was not disappointed at all when I finally purchased this pair. They are both very well made--yet simplistic. Maybe that is what their attraction is---the simplicity of the pieces. This pair has achieved that realistic look of a cat studying a new 'friend' .
    This pair is easy to move around and has looked very well in a number of places---book case---on top of a table--on the floor. I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend this to others.

  8. from Van Buren, AR:
    • 5
    • Jun 3, 2014

    Perfect gift for a cat lover. Both cat and mouse are well done with only mimimal work on each. The fact that they are made of wood makes them easy to ship if you are using them as gifts, as I intend to do. I like the sculpture so much that I intend to order another one again soon. Looking at the pair puts a smile on my face.

  9. from Van Buren, AR:
    • 5
    • Jun 3, 2014

    Cat and mouse sculpture is perfect for a cat lover. Craftmanship of the two pieces is excellent. Being made of wood is an added bonus if you plan on having to ship it as a gift. I bought this one as a gift and I like it so much that I plan on ordering another again soon for another gift.

  10. from Bridgeport, NY:
    • 5
    • Dec 15, 2013

    The product was exactly what I expected. Quality was good. I was particularly impressed with the method of shipping and tracking the shipment. I highly recommend shopping at this online store.

  11. from Columbia, MO:
    • 5
    • Dec 5, 2013

    Great sculpture.

  12. from Escondido, CA:
    • 5
    • Nov 20, 2013

    This was ordered as a Christmas present, and I was very pleased when it arrived. The cat is solid and beautifully made; the mouse complements the downward looking cat. My sister, a cat lover, will be happy with the pair.

  13. from Glendale, CA:
    • 5
    • Oct 27, 2013

    Very happy with this purchase....very beautiful and serene.

  14. from Miami, FL:
    • 5
    • Sep 19, 2013

    First I took my cat and mouse to work so colleagues could enjoy them for a few days; everyone was enchanted Now they're home and displayed in my foyer. The simple lines, lovely wood, and just pure cuteness make me smile every time I enter or leave my apartment. Would make a much treasured present for cat lovers, including those for whom choosing a gift is difficult because s/he already "has everything."

  15. from Wicomico Church, VA:
    • 5
    • Oct 12, 2012

    I am very pleased with my cat and mouse. They look serenely on each other!

  16. from Menlo Park, CA:
    • 5
    • Oct 12, 2012

    Wonderful purchase. Cat looks exactly like one of my Siamese studying something on
    the floor. Very good value for the price.

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