Bronze Container with Handle

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With a melange of textures and graphic imagery, this container is an artifact for the ages. Bronze is hand-painted to highlight the meticulous markings. Made in China. For decorative use only. Hand-painted items can be found in the museum’s permanent collection.

7″ × 5 5/8″ × 11 ½″.

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  1. from Brookfield, IL:
    • 4
    • Mar 12, 2018

    While the shape and general appearance of this piece is wonderful, there are 2 caveats: the verdigris is way too bright of a green to appear 'natural', and do NOT pick it up by the handle. If you do, the handle will 'dislodge'(mine did) and the rest of the container will fall. I decided to keep it due to the things I do like about it: the shape, and the intricacy of the carvings.

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